Sovereign Health Unveils Newest Installment of NIMBY Editorial Series

Sovereign Health Group pic

Sovereign Health Group

Recognized as one of America’s leading psychiatrists by the Consumers Research Council, Dr. Ash Bhatt has dedicated over 15 years to the provision of mental health services and substance abuse counseling. Dr. Ash Bhatt draws on this experience to serve as Chief Medical Officer of Sovereign Health Group, a nationwide network of mental health service providers.

On August 30, 2016, Sovereign Health Group announced the latest installment of “Not in my Backyard (NIMBY),” a series of editorial pieces that delve into the public concern regarding mental health and addiction treatment facilities. Although many communities are resistant to the establishment of these centers – a protest movement known as “Not in my Backyard” – Sovereign’s series of insightful, research-based publications aims to shed light on the misconceptions that fuel this animosity.

NIMBY focuses specifically on the California community of San Clemente, where many residents fear that the construction of mental health treatment facilities will spur substance abuse, increase criminal activity, and lower property values in their neighborhoods. The editorial series draws on law enforcement statistics to demonstrate that these concerns are largely unfounded. In its first installment, “Communities Resist Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities,” Sovereign delves into current trends of drug use and crime in San Clemente, finding that crime rates declined between 2009 and 2014. In its newest piece, entitled “The Endemic Problems of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in San Clemente,” the national healthcare network digs more deeply into the prevalence of substance abuse and mental health challenges among San Clemente’s youth, demonstrating the potential benefit that behavioral health treatment facilities could offer the community.


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